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"2022 is set to break records for anti-LGBTQ legislation, with hundreds of bills introduced across the U.S." - NPR, April 2022

In reviewing the various anti-LGBTQIA+ pieces of legislations, as well as political ads which target the LGBTQIA+ community, and in particular the Trans community, I have seen people from my community being portrayed as "the other" or "the enemy" or "people wanting special rights", etc. Dehumanizing or demonizing people is a propaganda practice which goes back to the days of Ancient Greece.

As a response to these current campaigns, I am seeking families for a portrait project: Gay parents, gay children, trans parents, trans children, etc. I want to put a human face on the individuals who are impacted by these proposed laws and public debate.

This project has just begun, but if you are interested in participating, please contact me.

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